Scientific research and experimental development in the following fields:


Gravity 3D-GS scanner is a software-hardware complex used for the measurement of gravitational field.

Information technologies

Synest Framework is a ERP-systems-oriented framework.

We cover the full cycle of the project, from concept development stage to testing of the finished product.

Our staff solves a wide range of tasks during equipment development:

  • Developing central concept of the projectForming requirements specification
  • Selecting electrotechnical components of device
  • Creating basic diagrams
  • Working on device external design
  • Assembling prototype and its individual components
  • Creating firmware for device microcontroller
  • Developing software interface for the communication of the device and the PC
  • Creating software for data filtering and analysis tasks
  • Developing software testing tools
  • Preparing technical documentation
  • Testing and validation of the results

Developments in the field of geophysics are mainly aimed at creating high-precision automation equipment and related software designed to create three-dimensional gravity and wave fields images in order to build a detailed subsoil model.

Main concept of Synest framework project is creation of versatile, accessible and easily expandable multi-platform software development tool. This conception involves the availability of means for the user to work with object databases, own graphics system, multifunctional network module and other functions regardless of platform for which a project is made, in cases when porting between the target systems is necessary.


Russia, West-Siberian, Tyumen

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